St.Alphonsus’ believes that the need to seek knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom is essential. The well-stocked library caters to the avid reading needs of the students and it provokes young minds to broaden their horizons. Our school library is housed in a spacious hall providing the children a vast collection of books to the literary taste buds of students from all classes. he students are encouraged to make good use of the library and ensure that good reading habits are inculcated in students at a tender age.

To inculcate the reading habit among the students. The school library was started in the year 1976, during the period of Rev Bro. Jose Daniel with 340 books. Now it is equipped with 6,818 books of different subjects such as story books, reference books. Religious books, magazines and periodicals. Library classes are arranged for classes III to IXth  once a week. Students read the library books in their respective period according to their class time table. Also spend time 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Borrow the books and take them home for reading. Teaching and non-teaching staff also refer and borrow the library books in their leisure time.