Yoga, NCC and Scouts

Regular Yoga classes are organized to develop physical fitness, stress control and mental clarity. “It is great to die for one’s country but it is much greater to live and work for its progress”. So, N.C.C. and Scouts are being trained regularly under the able guidance of military Personal and our teachers to inculcate patriotism in the hearts of the young students.


“Service becomes truly meaningful only when it is rendered to the poor and needy.” Every year 35 students of class VIII have been inducted into MYLS (Montfortian youth leadership in society). They are provided with input sessions on leadership and personality development and motivated them towards the responsibility to serve poor and needy.


All students are grouped into four houses named after the National leaders the Gandhi, the Nehru, the Shastri and the Tagore. House-wise Competitions and various events are organized periodically and members of each house strive and compete in a healthy atmosphere to see that their house gets the top place.


Aiming at an all – round development, the school has many Clubs. LITERARY, CULTURAL, FINE ARTS, MATHS AND SCIENCE, SPORTS AND GAMES, AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT AND LANGUAGE CLUBS, students in the art of public speaking and conducts competitions to develop their literary talent and also aim at developing the scientific and aesthetic talents in the students.


Sports are an integral part of our curriculum and are regarded as being as important as the academic component. We firmly believe that lessons learnt on the playfield in “life skills” such as team work, leadership, fair play and humility, go a long way towards building the kind of citizen that the country so badly needs.

Sports and games are organized in shifts so that every boy gets an opportunity to play and train under an expert eye. Every teacher is encouraged to be present at games time as very often a very different aspect of a students’ personality is revealed on the playfield. The School is provided with adequate space for outdoor sports like, Basketball, Athletics, etc. Also, indoor games like carom, chess etc are given due Encouragement. We participate in every major interschool tournament.

SAYS (St. Alphonsus’ Young Scientist forum) ACTIVITY

SAYS means St. Alphonsus’ Young Scientist forum was introduced in the year 2010. The main objective of this forum is to inculcate the scientific temper in the students and create interest in science. Science Experience has proved the prime position of students in every age and every society. A renewed estimation of the latent potentiality of students would definitely prompt us to affirm that students are stream of history, students are the cream of society and students are the dream of future. They have to be trained for effective scientific leadership, because the world’s destiny lies in their hands.A great scientist is the one who through his life and service makes the world better place and influences all the people all the times. C.V Raman, H.G. Koharama and Srinivasa Ramanjan services are remarkable in the field of science and technology. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam also rendered his services in the field of space If one wished to be a scientist, he /she should sacrifice oneself to serve the society.

Every year a band of 60 students of class VI join in this club. This enables the students to Imbibe scientific outlook and helps them to choose their carrier as a scientist.