Welcome to St.Alphonsus’ High School

Greetings and good wishes from St. Alphonsus High School, Nalgonda!

      It gives me immense



 joy and pleasure to pen a few lines on St. Alphonsus and the theme of the year 2019-2020 “Ethics with Integrity”.  The theme chosen for this academic year 2019-20 is very apt for all of us, the parents, the staff and the students and it empowers all of us to be morally upright and ethically strong in all our endeavours. We all need to make sincere and honest efforts in achieving our goals and desires.  

     St. Alphonsus is striving hard to progress in all the spheres of life and making all efforts in achieving our goals.  This year the SSC March 2019 result is a clear proof of our march towards exce;;ence. The school tries to uphold the values and traditions for which it stands for and also tries to adapt itself to the changing times. Read More

About the School

ORIGIN : St. Alphonsus’ High School was established in June 1965 by the Montfort Brothers (of St. Gabriel) who manage and administer over a hundred institutions in India. This is in addition to other establishment the Society of the Brothers have all over the world with headquarters in Rome. This society was first founded by St. Louis Marie from Montfort a place in France. Continue reading


The AAA is maintained by old students